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The New York City Consortium for Earthquake Loss Mitigation (NYCEM) lftlogolvl2



A   125h Street Fault system, combined with Boreholes [1,2,4,5,6].
B Outcrops in Central Park [2].
C Upper West Side Bedrock Plateau with sparse borings and mixture of soil types in Morningside Hts [1,2]
D North Strike Valley in shape of census tract surrounded to the west by Manhattan Schist formation [1,2].
E Hillock with outcrop [2].
F 125h Street Fault system. Previous swamp area with silt and fill.
G Bedrock contours at 20 to 50 ft boundary [1,2]


Figure 3b: Midtown, Upper West Side and East Side Manhattan. Explanation of soil type designation where borehold data were not available or too sparse to make a decision. Numbers in [x] indicate reference sources used in decision. Shaded areas indicate tracts with similar composition. Color scheme is the same as Figure 1.


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